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Ranking System!
Nanamine 15 Comments · 8th Aug 2013
Hello again,

We have now added a ranking system for our users. Users gain posts by posting in the forum, and by winning special contests or tournaments. The ranks are as follow;

  • Junior Member 1-50 Posts
  • Member 51-150 Posts
  • Advanced Member 151-300 Posts
  • Senior Member 301-500 Posts
  • Master Member 501-1,000 Posts
  • Elder Member 1,001-2,000
  • Ultimate Member 2,001-3,000 Posts

Ultimate Members name will be shown in Gold around the community. You will also receive a 20$ Gift Card of your choice. When you reach Ultimate Member you will have the choice to prestige; making you a junior member again, with the chance to earn the gift card again. You're name will remain gold once prestige.

12th Aug Jack
aquas it aint year of luigi no more get out
18th Aug 2013 asianboii
I need more threads. I need the gift cards to get a Wii U. >.>
18th Aug 2013 Aquas
It's year of Luigi, where is the Luigi rank? O.o
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17th Aug 2013 Nanamine
Thousands of ranks would be way too complicated. Reversi at it's backbone is a community anyway, not a clan.
17th Aug 2013 mason
and ive got thousends of new ranks for you all
17th Aug 2013 mason
im a new member, but does someone need to recruit me?
and where are the ranks?
13th Aug 2013 Nanamine
Aquas no matter what happens, I'm not deleting Reversi. Nor Revive, although it's completely deserted.
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12th Aug 2013 Aquas
I will get that after an entire year. If this clan is like all the others, I won't have a year to do it XD
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12th Aug 2013 Heart
Screw it, too hard
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11th Aug 2013 Heart
I want a 20$ gift card Eshop!!!! Time to hit 2001 posts.
10th Aug 2013 Nanamine
Oh, woops. Fixing now.
10th Aug 2013 Aquas
Member 50-100 Posts
Advanced Member 150-300 Posts

What happens between 100 and 150 O.o
8th Aug 2013 Heart
LOL I noticed, similar concept doe first used by me..glad we getting member ranks yeaaaaa
8th Aug 2013 Nanamine
Haha Heart, this is different from yours on rV
8th Aug 2013 Heart
I agreed, nice system. Whoever made this is a pure mastermind genius that can beat anyone on mk7
New Updates!
Nanamine 0 Comments · 7th Aug 2013
Following last night's post, we now have our own custom domain thanks to Redredc. The link is http://www.reversi-clan.com.

• We now have a rules page. This will help keep the community a family friendly place. All of those rules are in effect starting today.

• We've added emoticons. For a full list, click here.

• We've added censors to swears. All swears will be translated to "****" now.

• There's a new theme and banner, if you somehow avoided noticing.

That's all for today. Thank you.

New Domain Name!
Nanamine 0 Comments · 7th Aug 2013
Thanks to Redredc's generosity, we now have our own customized domain.

The domain will be active within 24 hours.


That aside, I'm currently working on spreading the link to everyone to help Reversi grow.

If any of you would like to help, please feel free to.

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